Here are some beautiful PAINTED pennies!


By Jacqueline Lou Skaggs


Acoustic Guitar Doll House

I love this idea!


dollhouse-built-inside-guitar-5  dollhouse-built-inside-guitar-2


From Fairy Meadow Miniatures!

The Australian woman builds AMAZING custom miniatures. And her stuff is very reasonable. If you are obsessed with miniatures (like me), then you’ve got to check out her online store.

Fairy Meadow

Mini-Mouse House!

fairy House doll house

doll house- living room

Mouse house

Picture from Apartment Therapy

Miniature Norway

Mini2 Miniature Village

I love THIS collection of miniature villages!

You must check them all out.

Very well done.


MinimalsI love this poster!

You can buy it HERE for $30!

Make mini-pies in a cupcake pan…

How adorable.

mini pie


Mini pie 2 Learn how to make your pies HERE.

Mini Easter Crafts…

Baby Bunnies!

Mini Peeps!


Love this…

mini peeps!

See more miniatures HERE.

Adorable felted dog!


See more HERE. 


Male Celebs are TINY!


Did you know you can fit them in your pocket?


I fit somewhere between Jack Black and Robin Williams….

Found this picture on BuzzFeed

Happy Pin Cushion!


Love this little guy…



This is SUCH a cute idea and would be PERFECT for a first time camper. 

These are “Seven Days of Love Surprises”…

This would be perfect to stow away in a travelers bag- or a young campers trunk!

Click here to read the ORIGINAL blog post! 

Fill a pill box with personal love notes, inspirational quotes or bible versus, money, candy, small pictures, polly-pockets…. anything that would make your special someone smile!


Mini Product Attack!


It was the attack of the miniature products in the checkout line a Wal-Mart!!
These all appeal to me…





Cute Baby Show Gift Idea!

From CraftGawker 

Perfect Spring Ring

The perfect ring for spring!I would probably want baby blue eggs…

But I love this!

Order yours HERE.


Tiny Cuteness!

Miniature Gingerbread Cookies!


You MUST, MUST, MUST visit Snowfern Clover!

It’s a blog made by the miniature food artist, Cindy Teh!


Adorable Halloween Craft!

Super whimsical! And super cute!



  1. Remove the caps from a handful of acorns.
  2. Coat each one with orange acrylic paint, adding a bit of brown to the acorn’s point for a stem.
  3. Let the paints dry, then add a jack-o’-lantern face with a black permanent marker.


    Found this craft on

Things Organized Neatly

Loving this Tumblr site! It’s addictive.
Check it out.

Things Organized Neatly  




Miniature Cakes!

Tiny Attack.

Happy April 6th!


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