Uvarovite Garnet

My new love is Uvarovite Garnet!

(yeah, I didn’t know what it was either.)d99e1ab72b955dad7034323a7eb3c8d7

I discovered the stone on my trip to The Netherlands.


My Husband and Father bought me this ring for my Birthday!


It makes me feel like I have a piece of the Emerald City on my finger!

It sparkles in a really neat way.



deep breath



Desk Inspiration

I decided to put my digital picture frame to good use at work!


Find inspirational quotations and put them all on one memory card for your digital picture frame.

Set it up on your desk at work, or anywhere you need some extra inspiration! (maybe the kitchen, laundry room or home gym?)

Mine rotate to new inspiration every 30 minutes.

I like this new method of desk decorating because it’s much more organized then push-pin collages.

It is also easy to change out the quotes to fit my mood.

“The EveryGirls’ Guide to Life”

A (very cute and successful) friend

recommended that I read this book.


All Dr.Lill fans will LOVE it!

It’s filled with great advice that will better your life.

I think all girls… of all ages..  should be required to read this book!!

Rescue a Dog! (Don’t buy one)

Thinking about getting a dog?

Consider adopting a shelter dog.

There is no better feeling than saving an animal in need….

and making a new best friend!

Heart set on a specific breed?

There are  breed specific rescue services for just about every kind of dog!

Yorkie Rescue

Greyhound Rescue 

 Beagle Rescue

Lab Rescue

Golden Retriever Rescue 

Pomeranian Rescue 

Chihuahua Rescue

Chris and I love our little rescue dog, Winnie.

Best dog in the world!

This is Piper.

She is a Boarder collie / Chihuahua mix (lol). Also a rescue.

Someone dropped her off at my grandparent’s farm. She was hungry, lost and scared. We took her home and started spoiling her on Thanksgiving 2010. We love her!

Ambient Music

I love Ambient Space Music.

This music helps turn any ordinary space into a tranquil oasis.

Simply dim the lights and put on one of these amazing ambient albums.

(any soundscapes is awesome!)

Not really sure what “space music” sound like…

here is a little relaxing taste.

Dress for Success

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… I believe a ZEN GARDEN would entertain me for hours.

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