I’m coming back! 

Wow! It’s been a while. I’m going to make a concerted effort to slowly make my way back into blogging….

Life has changed a lot! I’m working as a reporter in Birmingham, Alabama and I love it. It’s a lot of hard work with long hours but worth every minute. 

My husband also works long hours- but still loves his job! We’ve decided while we are in our 20’s, it is the perfect time in our lives to focus our energy toward our careers wholeheartedly.

Covering President Obama’s Speech in Selma, Ala.

my coolest press pass yet! Whit House Press Pool!

I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I will not bore you with the details, but basically I’m gluten free now. 

THIS IS A HUGE LIFESTYLE CHANGE FOR ME. (This article explains why I’m avoiding gluten if you are interested. “Imagine every bite of gluten literally burning up a piece of your thyroid tissue that you will never get back!”) 

This new diet has be constantly searching for new recipes and cooking more! I’ve come up with a lot of great recipes on my own that I can’t wait to share. 

(The paleo recipes I’ve shared in the past have done really well on Pinterest! I think these future post might do even better!)

I became blog shy after I took a serious “how to make money blogging” class online. It was a four week program that literally made me shy to blog. That coupled with a computer that started to slow down and a new intense job… the blog went out the window. 

So let me just say for the record, I’m NOT doing this blog to make money. I’ve got about $20 in my google ads account from this site. 😂 I’m doing this for the reason I blogged for many years; because I love sharing things that make me happy! Things isn’t a strong descriptive noun… but it’s the best word for what this blog is. It started as random and whimsical…. and maybe during this new chapter I’ll kind a focus. 

If you are still following this blog. THANK YOU. If you are new, check back! 

Have a happy week with the SUNNY time change! ☀️☀️☀️

– Lillian Lalo {pronounced Lah-Low}


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How to help animals after disasters…


When you see heart warming videos like this…

… you might feel called to give a donation to animals in need.

Click HERE to make donations specifically for animals during times of disaster.

(Click HERE to read the entire story about the dog rescue)

Did you know….

I bet a lot more dog fighting would get reported if people knew about this!!

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Daily Dose- December 6, 2012

Good morning. I hope you’re Thursday is off to a happy start. Here are a few fun stories …

♥ If you could smell like any fast food, what would it be? If you said Pizza, you’re in luck! Pizza Hut is launching its own perfume. The perfume is said to smell just like a fresh pizza pie. The company says the scent boasts “notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough.” The idea came from a Facebook post, but the marketing team at Pizza Hut Canada smelled a winner and got to work. For now, Pizza Hut Perfume will only be available in Canada. But who knows, once Americans get a whiff, it could make its way south.

♥♥ There is another fragrance line that has a scent for just about every mood or occasion. Here is a link to DEMETER’s fragrance library. I promise, you’ll get a kick out of looking through the pages of creative scents.


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Daily Dose- December 3, 2012

Well… it’s Monday. Just remember, Christmas is only 22 days away. Here are a few fun stories to help start your day.

♥ Tis’ the season to give quirky gifts! Online retailers specializing in funky gifts (like leg-lamps, candy coal and bacon shaped ornaments) say business is booming. For instance, a Seattle novelty-seller that makes “Emergency Santa Kits” says business is up 20 percent from last year. Moral of the story; If you don’t know what to get someone this year, remember the quirkier the better!

♥ Speaking of quirky, check out this mind-blowing artist!

Looks closely at the Rubik’s Cube. It looks completely normal until the artist turns the illusion. It’s called an anamorphic illusion (a trick that takes advantage of how our brains make sense of the world.)

♥ PSY is admitting he is getting a little tired of his own mega-hitGangnam Style.”

At a recent press conference in Singapore he said, “Sometimes, honestly, yes I get tired or I get sick of it.” Then he added that he still really likes the dance.

♥ I leave you with something to help you get Gangnam style out of you head… Penguins dress up in Christmas outfits! These festive creatures live at a sea paradise just outside of Tokyo.



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Daily Dose – November 30

Happy Friday morning! Here are some fun stories to get you going this morning….

♥ The First Dog, Bo, seems to like this year’s holiday decorations at the White House. In this new White House video, Bo walks around to each room and inspects the Christmas decorations. This year’s theme is “Joy to All” and it looks like Bo approves. Now that the decorations have two paws up, the White House will show the decorations to an estimated 90,000 visitors during the holiday season.

♥ An update now on the Romney-face-tattoo-guy. You might remember just a few weeks ago when the Romney-face-tattoo-guy (Eric Hartsburg) vowed to keep the logo for life… even though Romney lost the election. Well, now he has changed his mind. A doctor has agreed to remove the tattoo for free. It will take numerous painful laser treatments to get that  “R” off his face.

♥ And finally, here is your Daily Dose of some absolutely filthy artwork. (Click Here) These masterpieces are made completely out of dust and dirt from the limestone and clay roads in Wimberley, Texas. Scott Wade describes himself as “The Dirty Car Artist.” He says sometimes he will drive around for days before finding the perfect canvas. Sadly, they only last until the next rainstorm.

Have a wonderful Friday and don’t forget about the WAAY-31 Christmas Parade in downtown Huntsville tomorrow at noon.

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Daily Dose – October 19, 2012

Good morning and happy Friday!

♥Comedy Central has released a clip from their annual program called “The Night of Too Many Stars.” It’s a touching duet with Katy Perry and a 6-year-old girl who suffers with autism. The little girl learned how to cope with her autism diagnosis through her love of music. The program is an autism awareness and fundraising event that will air this Sunday.

A happy ending fit for a Disney movie is caught on tape. A mother and baby’s elephant reunite after a stressful morning. The baby elephant you see running towards his mother near the end of the clip was rescued by conservationist from a deep hole at an elephant sanctuary in Kenya. Cue “Chariots of Fire.” Officials say that they “are delighted by the web response and hope it persuades people that elephants are special and deserve to be protected and cherished.”

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Daily Dose- October 5, 2012

Happy Friday! Here are some stories to help you through your work day before the weekend officially starts.

Here is a sweet story about loyalty and love. Zander, a husky rescued from a shelter, loves to run. But no one ever expected him to run to the hospital. That is exactly what the 70-pound dog did last week when his master was taken to the hospital. Zander made his way through town before a concerned pedestrian saw him outside the building and called the number on his tag. His owner says he couldn’t believe his loyal friend went to so much trouble to find him.

Imagine playing in the dirt and uncovering a prehistoric creature. That is exactly what an 11-year-old Russian boy did. He stumbled across the 30,000 year-old remains of a woolly mammoth. According to the Moscow News the boy found the beast on a peninsula in northern Russia. Scientists say this is one of the best preserved mammoths they have found in the area since the 1920’s. Its tusks, mouth and rib cage are clearly visible.

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Daily Dose- October 3, 2012

Good Thursday morning,

♥Take a look at this Halloween costume! A sweet dad made an ice-cream truck costume for his son who is confined to a wheelchair. The ice-cream truck is complete with a back window filled with ice cream cones. The photo of the boys costume made waves over the weekend after it was posted on the “Laugh It’s Free” Facebook page.

♥Wednesday night, during the first Presidential Debate, Mitt Romney said he likes Big Bird, but if elected president he would cut funding to PBS. It only took a few minutes for a spoof Big Bird account to appear on Twitter. It’s called @FiredBigBird. When I checked this morning (5:00am) the account had nearly 25,000 followers.

♥If you’re not happy with the results of next month’s presidential election the airline Jet-Blue is offering you the chance to leave the country… for free! It’s all part of a new marketing campaign called Election Protection. The airline is offering 1,006 people a free round-trip ticket to one of more than a dozen countries. You have to pick your candidate on Jet-Blue’s website before Election Day. The losing side to be entered into the sweepstakes. You can enter the contest HERE.

♥It’s said time you enjoy wasting was not wasted at all. Now that is truer than ever when it comes to browsing internet photos of cute animals. A new study finds that looking at adorable animal pictures is linked to increased work performance. The study is out of Hiroshima University in Japan. My favorite sites to find cute animals are CuteOverload.com and DailySquee.com.

The Princess Bride is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a red carpet reunion at the New York Film Festival. In the 1987 movie the beautiful Buttercup is about to marry Prince Humperdinck, who she doesn’t love. Her heart still belongs to Westley, who she thinks is dead. With Swashbuckler and his loyal side-kick, Andre the Giant, Westley sets out on an epic adventure to rescue his one true love. The Princess Bride was re-released on Blu-ray Oct. 2.

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Daily Dose- October 2, 2012


Good Tuesday morning!

♥ Internet trolls play a cruel joke over the summer and now their target will get the last laugh. Back in August internet forums thought it would be funny to nominate the Horace Mann School for the Deaf to win a free Taylor Swift concert.

When school officials heard about the prank they said that their students actually love live music and hoped their school would win even if votes were mean spirited. Contest officials removed the school from the contest because they decided they should get something even better.

Taylor Swift, along with all the other contest sponsors, donated $10,000 dollars each. VH1 even donated $10,000 dollars worth of instruments. Swift is also sending every student from the school to her next local show.

♥ Imagine shopping inside a football stadium! Now you can. The Dallas Cowboys have opened a Victoria’s Secret store inside the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium in Arlington. The PINK store sells sweatshirts, tank tops and lingerie featuring the Cowboys name and logo. It’s a first for Victoria’s Secret…. Maybe the trend will catch on (I’m thinking we need one in Bryant–Denny).

Forbes magazine has named the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable team in the NFL for the sixth consecutive year. The team’s value is estimated at more than 2-billion dollars.

♥ Imagine dancing for a coke! A few Korean vending machines make that possible. The new machines are designed to provide you “energizing refreshment”. The Korean pop group, 2pm, dances and the better you can mimic the moves the more Coca-Cola you get.

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Daily Dose- October 1, 2012

Happy October 1’st!

It’s a fresh month and a new work week.

A Michigan girl is elected to her high school Homecoming court and too her horror it was all just a cruel joke. But on Friday the 16-year-old was able to get the last laugh. After Whitney Kropp’s family, friends and community found out about the prank, they rallied around her. A Facebook page was created that has thousands of “likes.” Words of encouragement and personal stories filled the page. Local businesses donated services including; her gown, shoes, tiara, hair, makeup and nails. Kropp was greeted with cheers Friday night. Students from other schools even came to support her. The teen says students who are bullied should stand up for what they believe in.

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Daily Dose- September 27, 2012

Good Thursday morning and happy Friday-eve!

Tuxedo Stan is trying to claw his way into the mayor’s office in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The three-year-old cat’s owner started the “tuxedo” party and is running Stan’s campaign for office. He’s a retired veterinarian and is hoping to bring attention to the need to spay or neuter cats.


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Pumpkin Mania around the Tennessee Valley

(Shea’s Express Pumpkin Torte)

HUNTSVILLE, AL. (WAAY-31)- Pumpkins are out in full force taking over the Tennessee Valley in creative ways. Now there are dozens of ways to get you pumpkin fix.

Start your day at Olde Towne Coffee where pumpkin flavoring is spicing up lattes by the dozens. Milk is steamed, the espresso is pressed, add a little whip cream and a hint of ginger on top and you’ll be transported into autumn after one sip.

With your latte in hand, drive a few minutes to Shea’s Express and couple that coffee with something sweet. Aeriel Michelle, the pastry chef at Shea’s, has created enough pumpkin sweets to make you light up like a Jack-o’-lantern.

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Daily Dose- September 26, 2012

Good Wednesday morning! The work week is 1/2 way over.

♥Toby Keith helps surprise a soldier’s wife. On September 8th the country music star performed in Houston, Texas. During the show he brought a fan on stage and sang “American Soldier” to her. Near the end of the song the woman’s husband surprised her by walking out on stage. He was able to come home early from Afghanistan.

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Daily Dose- September 19, 2012

Good Wednesday morning,

♥ According to a recent study by psychologists at the University of British Columbia, young children are happier to give than to receive. In the study, toddlers who were asked to give away their own treats showed greater happiness about sharing. Researchers say this confirms that the joy of helping others is an inherent part of human nature.

♥ Wonderful news out of Africa… a 14-year-old has just started her Bachelor of Accountancy Honors Degree at the University of Zimbabwe. The young girl was orphaned and grew up in extreme poverty and says that is what motivated her to work extremely hard in school. Now she is making history and says she loves her classes.

♥ The Pittsburgh Zoo is celebrating a special delivery. Their black rhino had a baby girl over the weekend. The baby is doing well and already weighs 50 pounds. The species is critically endangered. This is the first black rhino born at the zoo in 45 years.

♥ I leave you now with an adorable video of a dog enjoying a trampoline….

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Daily Dose- September 13, 2012


Good Thursday morning to you.  Here is your Daily Dose of stories that have people talking.

♥ If you are looking for a good sign, a group in Washington, D.C. have a few for you.  Every Monday a group of friends hold up motivational and inspirational signs for people to read on their morning commute. They share messages like. “Honk if you love someone!”, “Don’t be so hard on yourself”, “Be happy!” and “Smile!” Massoud Adibpour coordinates the project says “No one wants to go to work on Monday, so we wanted to brighten people’s day.” He has a facebook page called Make DC Smile and hopes the trend will spread to other cities.

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Daily Dose- September 12, 2012

Happy Wednesday!
I have some interesting health news to share with you this morning…

♥ Good news for chocolate lovers!

A new study finds that eating moderate amounts of chocolate may lower the risk of stroke in men. Researchers followed eating habits of more than 37,000 men for about 10 years. Those who ate the most chocolate had a 17% lower risk of stroke over those years than those who ate little or no chocolate. The study appears in the online medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

♥ But don’t go crazy and eat too much chocolate because a large body of evidence suggests that Alzheimer’s could be a metabolic disease.

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Daily Dose- September 10, 2012

Good Monday morning!

A sleeping pill brings a man out of a 7-year-coma, sharks with social skills and the latest YouTube sensation. That and more in today’s Daily Dose.

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Daily Dose- Septmeber 7, 2012

Good Friday morning!

♥ If you have a dog, you are going to love this hilarious website. It’s called Dog-Shaming.com. It’s a collection of pictures that people submit of their adorable “bad” dogs with signs that show what infractions the K9’s are guilty of… like, “I unplug the alarm clock so mom and dad oversleep” and “I like to eat my leashes.” To visit this awesome time-waster click HERE.





♥ If you are a huge Dancing with the Stars fan and you have a blog, we have the perfect contest for you! It’s called the Dancing with the Stars Super Blogger contest! It’s a great way to give your blog major exposure and you could even win a trip to the Dancing with the Stars finale. You can’t win if you don’t enter so click here for more information.

♥Every year we hear about the latest craziest things people are frying up at state fairs. Here is the craziest one yet– deep friend Jell-O.  Venders are serving it up at the 2012 Utah State Fair that  kicked off its 10-day-run Thursday. No word on the fried Jell-O’s calorie count, but we do believe it’s better for you then fried butter.

♥ Meanwhile, in Canada, a good Samaritan is making headlines. The 46-year-old was stopped at an intersection when he noticed four kids crossing the street and a car whizzing towards them. In order to prevent a disaster the man drove his car in front of the speeding car. It caused a minor accident just 20 feet away from the children. Everyone walked away without injuries.

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.

Daily Dose- September 5th.

Happy Wednesday everybody!

♥ This video is 100% guaranteed to make you smile:

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Daily Dose, August 30

Happy Thursday to you!

Here is your Daily Dose of stories to keep you smiling…

♥ A new study is giving women something to smile about! Scientists identified a gene that appears to make females happy. The study authors say they could not find such a gene in men. Researchers say these new finding may help explain gender difference and provide more insight into the link between specific genes and human happiness.

♥ The band Phish is using its star power to help keep some disabled veterans moving. The band’s Waterwheel Foundation is donating to Segs-4-Vets. Segs-4-Vets is a charity that has donated over 1,000 segways to disabled veterans.

♥ A military officer is home this morning, but not before surprises his kids at their school. It’s been 8 months since a couple Colorado kids have seen their dad. A very special assembly was called Wednesday where the young brother and sister thought they’d won a school raffle. What they actually got was so much more. Even though their dad has been able to Skype his family often, nothing can replace hugging your father in real life.

Have a fabulous day.

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Daily Dose- August 28, 2012

Good Tuesday morning,

♥ A former children’s show host is speaking out about the denial of evolution. Bill Nye (best known for his PBS show called “Bill Nye the Science Guy”) posted a clip online saying that denying evolution “harms young people and hampers scientific progress.” It’s already been viewed over one million times. Nye praises the United States for its contribution to technological innovation.

♥ I’ve always known that my dog has feelings—because she gets very upset when I don’t take her for her daily walk. Now scientist are coming out and saying that animals do have feelings much like humans.  An international group of scientists have signed “The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness” – the document basically proclaims their support for the idea that animals are conscious and aware to the degree that humans are.

Humane Society adoption portraits by Richard Phibbs

♥ It’s the worlds oldest bug trap and may sound like something from Jurassic Park.  Scientists have discovered three well-preserved ancient insects frozen in amber. They are about 230 million years old. That puts them in the Triassic time period making the bugs about 100-million years older than what had been the previously known oldest critters trapped in amber. They found the bugs in Italy. The discovery was reported Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

♥ Some say it’s the best back to school picture they’ve seen….

This was floating around on the inter-webs yesterday as a funny twist on a back to school picture.

Have a wonderful day.

Daily Dose August 27, 2012

Good Monday morning!

♥ Congratulations to Ms. Besse Cooper of Georgia! She turned 116-years-old on Sunday. Cooper was born on August 26th, 1896. There are only seven people verified to have lived longer than 116. The eldest was a woman from France who lived to be 122. Ms. Cooper is now the 4th oldest person from the US in history.

♥A mother bear and her three cubs broke into a Norwegian cabin earlier in August. What’s funny is that this little family had quite a party. They drank more than 100 beers! ABC News adds that along with the beers they also ate all of the food inside the cabin. That included chocolate spread, honey (of course) and marshmallows.

♥ Talk about dedication. A Louisiana surgeon was so determined to get to work on time; she rode a kid’s bicycle to work. Dr. Catherine Baucom got stuck in a traffic jam on interstate 10 in Baton Rouge. Instead of postponing a scheduled surgery, she took the first exit she could and headed to a nearby friend’s house. All her friend had to offer was his 7-year-old’s bicycle. Not only did Dr. Catherine Baucom make it to her patient on time, she got to keep the princess helmet as a present.

Have a great week everybody!

Your Daily Dose for August 23…

Good Thursday morning…

Did you know that before Dr. Seuss wrote his classics like Green Eggs and Ham, he was a captain in the U.S. Army? During World War II the author and illustrator spent a few years creating training films and pamphlets for the troops.

He drew a booklet aimed at preventing malaria outbreaks. It urged soldiers to use nets and keep covered up so that Ann wouldn’t bite them….

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You Daily Dose… August 22, 2012

I LOVE Michael J-Fox! And now he is returning to the small screen in a new sitcom that will have a personal spin.

Fox will portray a husband and father dealing with Parkinson’s disease! The show is inspired by Fox’s life.  The show is set to debut in fall of 2013.

If you talk to an economist they will tell you there is “no such thing as a free lunch.” Not true for a few Denny’s customers in Sacramento. A few days ago an anonymous woman picked up the tap for everyone eating at a Denny’s. The bill came to about $300. The store manager says she wishes more people would do kind things like that…

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