Easy Whole30 Lunch Box

I wake up at 2am every morning.
(Well….2:17am after a few visits with the snooze button)

My work day starts at 3am!

The morning show starts at 4:30am…. That means “camera ready” and WIDE AWAKE (preferably genuinely happy) by 4:20.

Before my Whole30 endeavor; my morning was made up of a vending machine Starbucks “frappe” with a side of vending machine peanut butter crackers (that’s protein? right?).

Now that I’m completely overhauling my eating habits, the biggest thing I’ve found is that organization and prep time is key!

I pack my breakfast/lunch every evening. It’s become part of my bedtime routine.

Here is an example of some EASY Whole30 lunch items I pack… (Complete with a Donut Shop k-cup!)

This is a simple soft boiled egg, a little avocado and a small tomato—all sliced, mixed together and topped up with a little salt.

A 1/2 banana sliced with fresh raspberries– sometimes I’ll will freeze my fruit so that it keeps the rest of my lunch bag colder longer.

This is my favorite snack of all.
Simply wrap a slice of avocado in a piece of low sodium turkey. (NO PREPACKAGED MEAT! I usually buy 1 pound at a time, medium sliced, from the Publix Deli.)


What do you pack for lunch?

Let me know! I love new ideas!




  1. That’s a perfect lunch box… My lunch box depends on my mom’s mood … Sometimes it loaded with vitamins and sometimes its loaded with fats 😀 … But its always tasty 🙂
    btw Lovely blog 🙂 🙂

    • Haha! Yeah– It’s taken me a while to learn how to pack my own lunch box… and I’m 24!! lol!

      It’s fun to eat healthy… it can be hard.
      Thank you so much for following my blog AND commenting. It means a lot.


  2. However, I have chosen to get up 7:45 Pacific Time. Do you mind?

  3. I just read your lunch. I put a list of all of those things – some I had – but I sent the note to my assistant, Tonto, who does my shopping early Wednesday and brings it to me. She is so great and puts things away and finds good things – what is for tomorrow? I did find out – I am older – but I need to keep in the home at all times a banana – if you choke on anything – even fish bone or whatever – a banana works – Chinese do it and they do in the the Philippines – it is an Asian thing. It works and even the hospitals sometimes do it. Happy lunch and I can hardly wait for my avocado sandwich with the freshly sliced turkey – not packaged.

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