Birth Order

This is really interesting!

birth order

Chris and I make an ONLY CHILD and FIRST CHILD combination….. Haha!

Found this on Astrology News


  1. Linda Askins says:

    This is amazing…

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  2. Large thumb up for this blog post!

  3. You have a awesome site over here. I just wanna say thanks for all the interesting information on it. I’ll follow your website if you keep up the good work!

  4. Haha! Love it. I’ve not had much luck with only children either….. I am an ONLY… but I like to think I’m not THAT bad. The biggest compliment I get is when people find out I’m an only child and say “I would have never guess that!”
    Thanks for commenting. I found the post on Astrology News (

  5. Reblogged this on lovelyseasonscomeandgo and commented:
    wow such good information, my son and his wife are in the same category and they are a mess a complete mess of a combination. They are first born only children who are spoiled rotten, I am so sorry to say and expect everyone to cater to them. I believe only children are very selfish too. I myself am a middle child and have just as it says here to be a team player and to get along with others. The young people today I find are behind when it comes to dealing with people in relationships. They prefer texting over talking to people and being around people. It’s really so sad. But It is what it is. Thanks for such a cool post. your thoughts here… (optional)

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