LARABAR – My new Obsession

One of my (super-healthy) friends loves LaraBar.

I tried them… and let me tell you, they are delicious!

You can find them in the health-foods aisle at the grocery store.

(The area with Slim-Fast, Cliff Bars..etc)blueberry My favorite flavors are Blueberry Muffin….

coconut cream pieCoconut Cream Pie

(you will like it even if you don’t like coconut–it taste like wedding cake.)

pb cookieThis one is SO GOOD! Sadly it doesn’t fit the Whole30 diet.

chocolate chip cookie doughVERY good.

If you are craving a candy bar, this is the best one to grab.

cookieCashew Cookie is kind of …meh….

but it’s a good option if you do not like fruit flavors.


Check out how SIMPLE the ingredients are! I love that.




  1. I’ve seen these before but never tried them. I’ll have to give them a shot!

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