Jillian is FAMOUS!

My coworker, Jillian Pavlica, is a YouTube sensation!!

You might recognize this video:

Vince’s proposal to Jillian has gone TOTALLY viral!

We’re talking “Jeanne Moos package” viral.

That’s a big deal.

Y’all would think Jillian was my own daughter the way I’ve been talking about her. My Mom and Dad are even sharing the video with friends bragging about how we share a desk in the Newsroom. We call it the “‘illian” desk.

illian desk


It’s a little ridiculous, but I’m loving being able to live this exciting moment with Jillian.

On Saturday, Chris and I rushed up to the station to give hugs and check out her ring. We did this moments after the big news was announced on twitter. (Stalker much?)

These are the pictures I took:


NY Daily News.com used my picture! Click HERE to read the article.

name credit

If you squint really hard you can see my name in the photo credit. lol.

We love you Jillian!


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