Daily Dose – November 30

Happy Friday morning! Here are some fun stories to get you going this morning….

♥ The First Dog, Bo, seems to like this year’s holiday decorations at the White House. In this new White House video, Bo walks around to each room and inspects the Christmas decorations. This year’s theme is “Joy to All” and it looks like Bo approves. Now that the decorations have two paws up, the White House will show the decorations to an estimated 90,000 visitors during the holiday season.

♥ An update now on the Romney-face-tattoo-guy. You might remember just a few weeks ago when the Romney-face-tattoo-guy (Eric Hartsburg) vowed to keep the logo for life… even though Romney lost the election. Well, now he has changed his mind. A doctor has agreed to remove the tattoo for free. It will take numerous painful laser treatments to get that  “R” off his face.

♥ And finally, here is your Daily Dose of some absolutely filthy artwork. (Click Here) These masterpieces are made completely out of dust and dirt from the limestone and clay roads in Wimberley, Texas. Scott Wade describes himself as “The Dirty Car Artist.” He says sometimes he will drive around for days before finding the perfect canvas. Sadly, they only last until the next rainstorm.

Have a wonderful Friday and don’t forget about the WAAY-31 Christmas Parade in downtown Huntsville tomorrow at noon.

Twitter: @LillianAskins

Facebook: LillianAskins-WAAY31


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