Daily Dose – October 19, 2012

Good morning and happy Friday!

♥Comedy Central has released a clip from their annual program called “The Night of Too Many Stars.” It’s a touching duet with Katy Perry and a 6-year-old girl who suffers with autism. The little girl learned how to cope with her autism diagnosis through her love of music. The program is an autism awareness and fundraising event that will air this Sunday.

A happy ending fit for a Disney movie is caught on tape. A mother and baby’s elephant reunite after a stressful morning. The baby elephant you see running towards his mother near the end of the clip was rescued by conservationist from a deep hole at an elephant sanctuary in Kenya. Cue “Chariots of Fire.” Officials say that they “are delighted by the web response and hope it persuades people that elephants are special and deserve to be protected and cherished.”

♥A prehistoric ride is frozen in time. CT scans of amber have revealed the first evidence of a creature using an adult mayfly for transport. You can barely see the tiny bug (called a springtail) in the v-shaped at the base of the mayfly’s wings. Researchers at the University of Manchester say the springtail provides an accurate snapshot of behaviors that scientists wouldn’t otherwise be able to record.

♥Some really old barbecue sauce becomes a hot commodity. A 20-year-old gallon of “McJordan” barbecue sauce just sold on e-bay for nearly $10,000. The guy that sold the sauce once owned a McDonald’s franchise and saved it after a Michael Jordan burger promotion. The sauce expired in 1992, so he doesn’t recommend the buyer actually eat it.

Have a great weekend.

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