Daily Dose- October 3, 2012

Good Thursday morning,

♥Take a look at this Halloween costume! A sweet dad made an ice-cream truck costume for his son who is confined to a wheelchair. The ice-cream truck is complete with a back window filled with ice cream cones. The photo of the boys costume made waves over the weekend after it was posted on the “Laugh It’s Free” Facebook page.

♥Wednesday night, during the first Presidential Debate, Mitt Romney said he likes Big Bird, but if elected president he would cut funding to PBS. It only took a few minutes for a spoof Big Bird account to appear on Twitter. It’s called @FiredBigBird. When I checked this morning (5:00am) the account had nearly 25,000 followers.

♥If you’re not happy with the results of next month’s presidential election the airline Jet-Blue is offering you the chance to leave the country… for free! It’s all part of a new marketing campaign called Election Protection. The airline is offering 1,006 people a free round-trip ticket to one of more than a dozen countries. You have to pick your candidate on Jet-Blue’s website before Election Day. The losing side to be entered into the sweepstakes. You can enter the contest HERE.

♥It’s said time you enjoy wasting was not wasted at all. Now that is truer than ever when it comes to browsing internet photos of cute animals. A new study finds that looking at adorable animal pictures is linked to increased work performance. The study is out of Hiroshima University in Japan. My favorite sites to find cute animals are CuteOverload.com and DailySquee.com.

The Princess Bride is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a red carpet reunion at the New York Film Festival. In the 1987 movie the beautiful Buttercup is about to marry Prince Humperdinck, who she doesn’t love. Her heart still belongs to Westley, who she thinks is dead. With Swashbuckler and his loyal side-kick, Andre the Giant, Westley sets out on an epic adventure to rescue his one true love. The Princess Bride was re-released on Blu-ray Oct. 2.

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