Daily Dose- October 2, 2012


Good Tuesday morning!

♥ Internet trolls play a cruel joke over the summer and now their target will get the last laugh. Back in August internet forums thought it would be funny to nominate the Horace Mann School for the Deaf to win a free Taylor Swift concert.

When school officials heard about the prank they said that their students actually love live music and hoped their school would win even if votes were mean spirited. Contest officials removed the school from the contest because they decided they should get something even better.

Taylor Swift, along with all the other contest sponsors, donated $10,000 dollars each. VH1 even donated $10,000 dollars worth of instruments. Swift is also sending every student from the school to her next local show.

♥ Imagine shopping inside a football stadium! Now you can. The Dallas Cowboys have opened a Victoria’s Secret store inside the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium in Arlington. The PINK store sells sweatshirts, tank tops and lingerie featuring the Cowboys name and logo. It’s a first for Victoria’s Secret…. Maybe the trend will catch on (I’m thinking we need one in Bryant–Denny).

Forbes magazine has named the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable team in the NFL for the sixth consecutive year. The team’s value is estimated at more than 2-billion dollars.

♥ Imagine dancing for a coke! A few Korean vending machines make that possible. The new machines are designed to provide you “energizing refreshment”. The Korean pop group, 2pm, dances and the better you can mimic the moves the more Coca-Cola you get.

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