Daily Dose- October 1, 2012

Happy October 1’st!

It’s a fresh month and a new work week.

A Michigan girl is elected to her high school Homecoming court and too her horror it was all just a cruel joke. But on Friday the 16-year-old was able to get the last laugh. After Whitney Kropp’s family, friends and community found out about the prank, they rallied around her. A Facebook page was created that has thousands of “likes.” Words of encouragement and personal stories filled the page. Local businesses donated services including; her gown, shoes, tiara, hair, makeup and nails. Kropp was greeted with cheers Friday night. Students from other schools even came to support her. The teen says students who are bullied should stand up for what they believe in.

A Tennessee high school cross county runner abandons a chance to win a race to help a distressed competitor. Seth Goldstein was nearly to the front of the pack when he stopped to help a collapsed runner. The fallen boy started having a seizer and choking. Goldstein rolled him on his side and called for help. Once paramedics arrived they were able to take the boy to the hospital. Goldstein finished the race in last place, but was still recognized as the hero of the event.

♥This is the sweetest reaction to a birthday gift I’ve ever seen….

Watch as a girl opens her birthday gift from mom. The YouTube description says Lily lost her Wall-E stuffed animal a year ago on a trip and she cried for weeks. Mom finally found the same Wall-E online. The little girl loved it so much she sobs with joy.

♥It’s finally October, one of my favorite months. It’s time to start getting out your fall decorations and planning your Halloween costume. Be sure and follow my DrLill.com all month long where I will bring you your Daily Dose of Halloween inspiration.

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