Pumpkin Mania around the Tennessee Valley

(Shea’s Express Pumpkin Torte)

HUNTSVILLE, AL. (WAAY-31)- Pumpkins are out in full force taking over the Tennessee Valley in creative ways. Now there are dozens of ways to get you pumpkin fix.

Start your day at Olde Towne Coffee where pumpkin flavoring is spicing up lattes by the dozens. Milk is steamed, the espresso is pressed, add a little whip cream and a hint of ginger on top and you’ll be transported into autumn after one sip.

With your latte in hand, drive a few minutes to Shea’s Express and couple that coffee with something sweet. Aeriel Michelle, the pastry chef at Shea’s, has created enough pumpkin sweets to make you light up like a Jack-o’-lantern.

“We actually have a ton of things that we are doing right now for fall. It’s my favorite flavor profile, it’s my favorite season. It’s just good childhood memories by the spoonful,” Michelle said.

After you have indulged at Shea’s, take a short walk down the parking lot to Dominion Spa where you can be pampered in pumpkins.

Dominion Salon and Spa is offering a special pumpkin spice body treatment to celebrate the fall season.

“Pumpkin is full of vitamin A, C, and antioxidants so it’s skin smoothing and anti aging. First you are going to get exfoliated then wrapped in an organic pumpkin puree then you go shower that off then you get a massage with spiced oil,” said Patty McCarley, stylist and owner of Dominion.

Even your fingers and toes can rock a pumpkin hue! Many nail polish brands, like OPI, have orange colors like; Hot and Spicy, Mod-ern Girl, A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find and On the Same Paige. Dominion Salon and Spa also offers a pumpkin pedicure, complete with pumpkin puree and spiced oils.

If you are not pumpkined out after your spa treatment, on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s GiGi’s Cupcakes is featuring a limited time cupcake, Pumpkin White Chocolate.

It’s Pumpkin cake with white chocolate chips, white chocolate cream cheese frosting and dusted with pumpkin pie spice.

Know another way to love pumpkins this season? Leave a comment.

To watch my report (video-pictures-interviews) click here.


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