Daily Dose- September 27, 2012

Good Thursday morning and happy Friday-eve!

Tuxedo Stan is trying to claw his way into the mayor’s office in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The three-year-old cat’s owner started the “tuxedo” party and is running Stan’s campaign for office. He’s a retired veterinarian and is hoping to bring attention to the need to spay or neuter cats.


♥ Forget Picasso and van Gogh…Justin, the 9-year-old stallion, is the latest superstar to enter the art world. “I could tell he had a nice body of work and that I could show people. And then when I did say ‘Hey, look what Justin and I are doing!’ And people would come up and they would say ‘Who’s Justin?’ I said, ‘Well, he’s my horse,” said Justin’s owner. The horse (of course) has his own website selling his paintings. Click here to check it out.

♥Many people don’t carry cash anymore and that can make it awkward when you want to leave a tip in the tip jar. Now that in a neat invention called a Dip-Jar. You simply dip your credit or debit card in the jar and it charges a dollar. Click here to buy your own and never miss a tip again.

♥ Imagine controlling a video game with your eyes! For only 30 bucks you can buy the GT3D. It’s an eye tracking device that will allow you to control a computer with your eyes. The breakthrough could help millions of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy and maybe even open the door to a new era of hands-free computers.

♥ From computers to cars, now they are one in the same. A law signed Wednesday allows trials for self-driving cars on California’s roadways (as long as there is a licensed human in the driver’s seat to take over if needed.) Google has modified a Toyota Prius that drives itself using video cameras, radar sensors, a laser rangefinder and detailed maps. The vehicle lets the driver take control by grabbing the steering wheel or hitting the brakes (kind of like taking cruise control off).

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