Daily Dose- September 26, 2012

Good Wednesday morning! The work week is 1/2 way over.

♥Toby Keith helps surprise a soldier’s wife. On September 8th the country music star performed in Houston, Texas. During the show he brought a fan on stage and sang “American Soldier” to her. Near the end of the song the woman’s husband surprised her by walking out on stage. He was able to come home early from Afghanistan.

♥A Canadian Transit bus driver is being hailed a Good Samaritan after giving the shoes off his feet to a man who was walking barefoot on the cold sidewalk. A bus passenger said she and the others were left speechless by the driver’s act of kindness. More on that story HERE.

♥After spending 15 weeks adrift in a small boat, a fisherman is on dry land today thanks to a shark. The man ran out of fuel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and became hopelessly lost back in June. After having only fish to eat and a dwindled supply of rain water a shark woke the man up by bumping and circling his tiny boat. Because the shark woke him up he was able to catch the attention of another fishing boat off in the distance. Without the help from the friendly shark, he would likely not have been seen.

♥We have the first elimination of this season for Dancing with the Stars. The first couple to go home was Pamela Anderson and her dancing partner Tristan McManus. Anderson did not show up on the press line after the show. According to our Dancing With The Stars guru, George Pennacchio, that has only happened four times in the history of the show.

♥ A quick update on our Dancing with the Stars Super Blogger Contest. We have a winner. Phillip McDonald is our super blogger! He needs your support so he can represent our area at the finale. You can follow him here.

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