Daily Dose- September 19, 2012

Good Wednesday morning,

♥ According to a recent study by psychologists at the University of British Columbia, young children are happier to give than to receive. In the study, toddlers who were asked to give away their own treats showed greater happiness about sharing. Researchers say this confirms that the joy of helping others is an inherent part of human nature.

♥ Wonderful news out of Africa… a 14-year-old has just started her Bachelor of Accountancy Honors Degree at the University of Zimbabwe. The young girl was orphaned and grew up in extreme poverty and says that is what motivated her to work extremely hard in school. Now she is making history and says she loves her classes.

♥ The Pittsburgh Zoo is celebrating a special delivery. Their black rhino had a baby girl over the weekend. The baby is doing well and already weighs 50 pounds. The species is critically endangered. This is the first black rhino born at the zoo in 45 years.

♥ I leave you now with an adorable video of a dog enjoying a trampoline….

For more news, sports and weather visit WAAYTV.com.


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