Daily Dose- September 13, 2012


Good Thursday morning to you.  Here is your Daily Dose of stories that have people talking.

♥ If you are looking for a good sign, a group in Washington, D.C. have a few for you.  Every Monday a group of friends hold up motivational and inspirational signs for people to read on their morning commute. They share messages like. “Honk if you love someone!”, “Don’t be so hard on yourself”, “Be happy!” and “Smile!” Massoud Adibpour coordinates the project says “No one wants to go to work on Monday, so we wanted to brighten people’s day.” He has a facebook page called Make DC Smile and hopes the trend will spread to other cities.

♥ If you have a smart phone and like to take pictures, here is the perfect app for you. It’s called Slow Shutter Cam. It allows you to capture a variety slow shutter speed effects. On Wednesday people were buzzing about the app because it was free. Today it’s only 99 cents.

♥ A team of engineers has determined cockroaches could end up saving lives. A chip-toting cockroach was unveiled at an engineering conference where a cockroach is outfitted with a computer-chip backpack.

The engineers can control the direction the roach moves. Tiny cameras and microphones can also be mounted on the insect which officials say will be perfect in terms of discovering and talking to victims during a rescue, or when searching through rubble after an earthquake. Using real insects would be more cost-effective than building tiny robots.

♥ Toys “R” Us is looking for new ways to compete with other retailers.
This holiday shopping season they have come up with a new strategy. For the first time the retailer will allow shoppers to make reservations for 50 hot toys through Halloween with just a 20% down payment. They say this will hopefully end the frantic searches by parents leading up to the holidays.

Guinness World Records is calling it the tallest mohawk in the world. A fashion designer from Tokyo showed off his 3-foot-8-and-a-half-inch hairdo in a New York City park on Wednesday. The 40-year-old says he’s been growing the hair for 15 years. To make it stand upright it takes stylists two hours, one can of gel and three cans of hairspray.

For more news, sports and weather visit www.WAAYTV.com.

Click HERE to watch one of my favorite stories!




  1. Love it!!!! Reminds me of the FREE HUGS – especially in Italy – I watch it whenever it pops up and cry with JOY! We miss too much just being plain old people – LIFE IS FUN – you are fun DR? LILL


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