Daily Dose- September 10, 2012

Good Monday morning!

A sleeping pill brings a man out of a 7-year-coma, sharks with social skills and the latest YouTube sensation. That and more in today’s Daily Dose.

Some are calling it a miracle. A South African man has woken from a seven-year-coma. In 2005 the man was in a car accident and doctors said he would probably remain in the comatose state for the rest of his life. His wife never gave up hope. She read about a sleeping pill (called Stilnox) that has an opposite effect on brain injuries. She insisted doctors give him some of the medicine. It worked. The man remembers his family and is able to hold conversations. He really enjoys catching up with his now-9-year-old son.

A study from the University of Miami suggest that certain types of fish have social skills. The study used Lemon Sharks and found that they learn from each other by picking up on social cues. Young Lemon sharks that worked with trained partners could complete tasks more quickly and successfully. The study is thought to be the first to demonstrate social learning in fish. Social learning has already been demonstrated among other species—like chimps and bats.

♥ A goofy Korean music video called “Gangum Style” is the latest YouTube sensation with more than 120 million hits on YouTube. The video is also number one on the iTunes music video chart. The star behind the video is a 35-year-old South Korean rapper. He was even recently signed by Justin Bieber’s manager…so now he is poised to become the biggest Korean pop star ever.

Have a wonderful Monday.



  1. Btw . . . I love candy corn !!!!!

  2. Sending the coma pill info out to many – this is wonderful!!! You have such a great variety for us – love you!!!!

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