Daily Dose- Septmeber 7, 2012

Good Friday morning!

♥ If you have a dog, you are going to love this hilarious website. It’s called Dog-Shaming.com. It’s a collection of pictures that people submit of their adorable “bad” dogs with signs that show what infractions the K9’s are guilty of… like, “I unplug the alarm clock so mom and dad oversleep” and “I like to eat my leashes.” To visit this awesome time-waster click HERE.





♥ If you are a huge Dancing with the Stars fan and you have a blog, we have the perfect contest for you! It’s called the Dancing with the Stars Super Blogger contest! It’s a great way to give your blog major exposure and you could even win a trip to the Dancing with the Stars finale. You can’t win if you don’t enter so click here for more information.

♥Every year we hear about the latest craziest things people are frying up at state fairs. Here is the craziest one yet– deep friend Jell-O.  Venders are serving it up at the 2012 Utah State Fair that  kicked off its 10-day-run Thursday. No word on the fried Jell-O’s calorie count, but we do believe it’s better for you then fried butter.

♥ Meanwhile, in Canada, a good Samaritan is making headlines. The 46-year-old was stopped at an intersection when he noticed four kids crossing the street and a car whizzing towards them. In order to prevent a disaster the man drove his car in front of the speeding car. It caused a minor accident just 20 feet away from the children. Everyone walked away without injuries.

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.



  1. Anonymous says:

    hedgehogs do not have quills and do not release them in to predators

  2. Great idea, I will have to do this with my cat

  3. I think you just gave me a new favorite pass time site 🙂 I’ve gone thru 4 pages of the dog shaming site and am completely addicted!

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