Daily Dose- September 5th.

Happy Wednesday everybody!

♥ This video is 100% guaranteed to make you smile:

♥ McDonald’s is going totally vegetarian on us…in India at least. The popular fast food chain is set to open its first purely vegetarian restaurants in two of India’s most religious states; The Golden Temple and Katra. Other McDonald’s in India have already gone 50% vegetarian because cows are considered sacred there. The vegetarian menu includes the McVeggie patty, McSpicy Paneer, and the best seller McAloo Tikki burger (it’s  made of mostly potatoes).

♥ New research shows that truly forgiving someone is good for our health. In a study published in the Journal of Biobehavioral Sciences, researchers found that those who forgave showed fewer spikes in blood pressure, improved sleep and an increased life span.

♥ If you are a huge Dancing With the Stars fan and you have a blog we have the perfect contest for you! It’s called the Dancing With the Stars super blogger contest! It’s a great way to give your blog major exposure and you could even win a trip to the Dancing With the Stars finale. Click here for details on how to enter.

For more news, sports and weather visit WAAYTV.com.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.



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