Daily Dose August 27, 2012

Good Monday morning!

♥ Congratulations to Ms. Besse Cooper of Georgia! She turned 116-years-old on Sunday. Cooper was born on August 26th, 1896. There are only seven people verified to have lived longer than 116. The eldest was a woman from France who lived to be 122. Ms. Cooper is now the 4th oldest person from the US in history.

♥A mother bear and her three cubs broke into a Norwegian cabin earlier in August. What’s funny is that this little family had quite a party. They drank more than 100 beers! ABC News adds that along with the beers they also ate all of the food inside the cabin. That included chocolate spread, honey (of course) and marshmallows.

♥ Talk about dedication. A Louisiana surgeon was so determined to get to work on time; she rode a kid’s bicycle to work. Dr. Catherine Baucom got stuck in a traffic jam on interstate 10 in Baton Rouge. Instead of postponing a scheduled surgery, she took the first exit she could and headed to a nearby friend’s house. All her friend had to offer was his 7-year-old’s bicycle. Not only did Dr. Catherine Baucom make it to her patient on time, she got to keep the princess helmet as a present.

Have a great week everybody!

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