Your Daily Dose for August 23…

Good Thursday morning…

Did you know that before Dr. Seuss wrote his classics like Green Eggs and Ham, he was a captain in the U.S. Army? During World War II the author and illustrator spent a few years creating training films and pamphlets for the troops.

He drew a booklet aimed at preventing malaria outbreaks. It urged soldiers to use nets and keep covered up so that Ann wouldn’t bite them….

It’s official! It’s scientifically proven that smiling improves your health. A study from Psychological Science reveals that smiling can reduce stress levels and lower your heart rate. The key is to have both your mouth and eye muscles engaged in the smile. Another study by the Mayo Clinic also suggests that laughter brings health benefits like lowering stress, easing pain and boosting the immune system.

A house up in Canada was robbed by a burglar this week while the owners were out for an evening walk. He made off with a video game system and a digital camera. The couple didn’t even notice the stuff was missing. But the next morning they found a bag outside their front door with a note.

He returned the stolen items, left a heart felt apology note and even an extra $50 in the bag.

Happy Thursday! Remember… tomorrow is Friday!

You can WATCH me tell these stories HERE.
I have a new segment on WAAY-31 in Huntsville, AL called “The Daily Dose.”


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