You Daily Dose… August 22, 2012

I LOVE Michael J-Fox! And now he is returning to the small screen in a new sitcom that will have a personal spin.

Fox will portray a husband and father dealing with Parkinson’s disease! The show is inspired by Fox’s life.  The show is set to debut in fall of 2013.

If you talk to an economist they will tell you there is “no such thing as a free lunch.” Not true for a few Denny’s customers in Sacramento. A few days ago an anonymous woman picked up the tap for everyone eating at a Denny’s. The bill came to about $300. The store manager says she wishes more people would do kind things like that…

And Ohio man who lost his wife last year has set out to paint the town—literally.

He is determined to help make his small town a brighter place.
He says, “this just gives me something that keeps me from missing (my wife) more.”
It all started with a fire hydrant. Now he paints houses and business all over the town for free.
Over the last few months volunteers have started helping out.
So far they have painted or fixed up more than 20 buildings.


The future of auto technology is being tested at the University of Michigan.
Researchers plan to launch the Connected Vehicle Safety pilot. It’s a new WiFi-like technology that would allow drivers to talk with each other. This is all part of a $25 million dollar federal effort to increase roadway safety. Researchers hope this connection could help reduce crashes and improve traffic.

Check out this awesome drawing!

This picture is done completely with ballpoint pen!!!
The drawing is by a man who says it look him 30 hours to finish.
He says he used regular Bic ballpoint pens– 8 of them.
He used a cross hatching method to layer the different colors and create the illusion of such smooth blending.
The coolest part of all— he is not a professional artist! He says this is just a hobby for him.

More HERE.
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