Your Daily Dose- August 21

Good morning!

Here is your Daily Dose to start your morning off on a happy note….

Did you know that the uncontrollable laughter that comes with being tickled is actually our body’s natural defense mechanism.  Scientists have just discovered that the feeling of uncontrollable laughter is caused by panic. Some people are so ticklish that they begin laughing even before they are touched. This study come from brain scientists at the University College London.

The Coca-Cola Company and large cities around the US have teamed up for a little social experiment. They set up unmanned ice-t stands that asked people to put a dollar in a plastic box, then help themselves to a bottle of Honest Tea.

(This is a video from last year, but you’ll get the idea.)

In New York City, people paid for their drinks 92% of the time!

Chicago = 94%

Washington = 95%

Boston = 96%

Oakland, California and Salt Lake City both scored 100%!

The entire honesty ratings are available HERE!

A 14-year-old girl is now the youngest person to swim across Lake Ontario. Annaleise Carr finished the 27-hour, 32-mile journey over the weekend.Once she was back on dry land she was taken to the hospital for a routine exam (just as a precaution). The swim was organized to raise money for children with cancer.

The United Nations World Food Programme has airdropped 32-metric-tons of food to refugees in South Sudan. This is all in an effort to reach refugees in areas made inaccessible by the rainy season. The first airdrops started last week. The WFP is also working with communities in South Sudan to build longer-term food security.

It was mollusc mayhem at the Snail-Racing World Championship! The Championship took place in Norfolk, England over the weekend. More than 150 snails slugged it out.

A five-year-old girl’s snail, Racer, won the top prize after covering the 13-inch course in a sizzling 3 minutes 20 seconds.

Like this snail print? Buy your own HERE.

Happy Tuesday.

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