Bridesmaids with Sleeves – It CAN be done!

There were a lot of reasons I decided to have my bridesmaids wear sleeves….

1. My church is very formal.

Lillian Askins-Lalo

Arden Photography

2. My wedding was in February (freezing!)

3. I think arms can be distracting in a formal service.

Lillian Askins-Lalo, Chris Lalo, Grace Tillman, Alice Hawley, JoAnna Younger, Lindsay Westlake, Donovan Godt, Sumner Brown, Nick Lalo,Thomas Lalo, Benjamin Hawley, Samantha Dubrinsky, Garland Askins

Arden Photography

Lillian Askins-Lalo, Chris Lalo, Grace Tillman, Alice Hawley, Donovan Godt, Sumner Brown, JoAnna Younger

Arden Photography.

Arden Photography
Garland Askins, Lindsay Westlake

Arden Photography

The sleeves even looked great on my tiniest of girls.

They didn’t add bulk! I remember being so worried about that.

At the reception the cardigans could come off at each girls discretion.

It added a new look- almost like a costume change. 😉

If you are a bride that is thinking about having your bridesmaids wear sleeves… go for it! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I was extremely worried about being different and offending my girls. But everyone loved it….especially when we were taking picture outside in the freezing cold.

The cost of cardigans/jackets added about $35 to the dress price. (My dresses were by Watters Too)

Almost all bridesmaids dresses come with the option of a jacket- you just have to ask.

I love the way my pictures turned out.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I realize that sleeves are NOT the norm and most girls have their beautiful bridesmaids go sleeveless. This post is for brides like me who are nervous about taking the conservative plunge…


  1. Anonymous says:

    I love that it’s more modest . . . don’t get that very often these days!

  2. Terry Fenwick says:

    Our church would love you. Most Catholic Churches don’t allow strapless and I find them distracting because of all the cleavage – I love a beautiful wedding like yours but I knew it would be gracious way before I saw the pictures. I loved the jackets could come off later!!!!! Your gown was beautiful and so were you!!!!

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