Survival Bracelets- the new Silly Band?

It’s the latest trend in “Survival!20120801-052918.jpg
These fun-colorful bracelets are all the rage with kids this summer– they’re called “survival bracelets.” The fashion statement holds 10-feet of bungee cord– and can hold weight up to 500 pounds. 20120801-052927.jpg
Ryle and Dustin were selling these around our apartment complex on Tuesday.
Ryle says you never know when 10-feet of bungee cord can come in handy.

20120801-053005.jpg  20120801-053011.jpg




  1. Carol Lochran says:

    They are my grandchildren and I could not be more proud of them

  2. Anonymous says:

    They are my great nephew and niece as well! Rylee made me a survival bracelet when they were in Pennsylvania recently. Tell them Aunt Carol and Uncle Ron says Hi

  3. Babs Jump says:

    Dustin and Rylee are my great nephew and niece. I am very proud of them they are good children. Please tell them aunt Babs said hello.

  4. wow I love your blog your brilliant! xxx Cat

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