Cute Colors for the Garden



  1. Hi, I’m glad you like the picture of my glass bottle borders. If you would like to continue to use it, you can properly link it back to my website with full credit to me. Otherwise, please remove the image. Thank you, Andrea Green

    • Andrea- as with all my re-blogged images, I have a link under each picture that directs my readers to the source of the image. I love promoting other blogs that way.
      However, I am going to remove your image and the link to your site. You will no longer have traffic generated from my blog.
      I will also be cautious to never share one of your images again.

      • Daniel Zimmerman says:

        Wow all I wanted was to comment on how that one orange butterfly looks like it was overindulging in the butterfly feeder and came across this jewel of a note. Lady, you have too much free time on your hands to run around policing your cliche images on the internet. How about just be thankful that someone thought your photo was worth re-blogging and go about your day. Maybe someone should get their meds checked out.

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