Diane Sawyer

This past May I had the pleasure of meeting Diane Sawyer (the national ABC news anchor).

She talked with our journalism class, and shared some of her inspiring thoughts. Our teacher typed up a few of the things that she said, and sent us this e-mail.

I’m so glad I saved it. And I am so happy I get to share it with you.

She is talking to us about journalism…. But really all these thoughts can be applied to anything in life…

“The world is there to confound your assumptions. You have to keep asking questions.”

“Relax and pay attention.”

“What do you love so much you’d do it for free?
What’s the most adventurous place you could go?
Does it help people?”

“Better to be right and miss it, than to do something irresponsible. Never betray anybody. Don’t cross the line of what you believe in because you’ll feel really bad in the morning.”

“Try to pay fantastic attention to what’s true and important.”

“Move me. Surprise me. Make my life better.”

“The words are still the rocket fuel of the tv story.”

“Viewers are breathtakingly, terrifyingly smart.”

“You can’t make the minds of people up for them.”

“Preparation is often the enemy of structure. Don’t forget the big question. Know the material and let it go so thay you can pay attention. Prepare completely and be there in the moment.”

“Television interviews are performance masquerading as conversation.”

“Your job is to witness the story not influence it. Be the bearer of people’s stories to the world.”

“Thank you for wanting to do what we do. I love your stories. We need you.”

Diane is such a wonderful journalist.

She is an inspiration to me every day.


  1. Inspiring. Isn’t she beautiful. I wanted to take the time to wish you luck this week. You are going to be a stunning bride. Can’t wait to see a photo or two. Congratulations!

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