My Doll House! (#2 Cozy Baby Room/Bunk-Bed Room)

This room is really a mixture of everything!! The crib and rocking chair are part of a real doll house furniture set (very detailed… really beautiful… it’s one of my favorite pieces).  The bunk bed in the back is from an old doll house set I had when I was a baby. It’s “kid friendly” furniture… and was very played with. The pink separation screen is from an earring holder I got from Clare’s!

The “clock” on the back wall is from one of my FAVORITE watches I had when I was in 7th grade! I’m so happy that I got to recycle something that I loved so much that I could never throw it away.  The diamond Dalmatian is from a pin my mom had in the 80’s!  The flip flops are from a charm bracelet! And the rocking chair is something my sweet dad made for me in his workshop.

See the telephone?… that’s a push-pin!

If I lived in this house I would sleep in this bed! (I was always the one that ran for the TOP bunk on Camp Greystone move-in day!) The picture on the wall is from a “memory” game I had when I was little.

Click on the Doll House (above) to be taken

to “My Doll House #1” post! 🙂



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