My Doll House!! (#1-The Play Room)

I’ve given new life to my doll house!

It’s certainly not a professional/serious doll house like the pros decorate…. but it’s unique and different. I call it a “Borrowers” house! There is a little bit of everything in this tiny home.

Many of the decorations come from things around my house like: old jewelry, game pieces, buttons, pins, hallmark cards, key chain charms, Christmas ornaments, stickers, stamps, Mommy’s sample fabrics…etc.

The Play Room

Photo by Lillian Askins

The tennis ball is from a bracelet I had when I was little. The Mr.Potato Head is a mini Christmas ornament. The Hello Kitty is a pencil topper. The Toy Box is made out of a tiny Altoids Tin.  The box is filled with necklace charms, earrings, beads, “Worry Dolls” and “off brand” polly pockets.

Photo by Lillian Askins

Would you like to see more of my mini rooms in detail?!?

Leave me comments and let me know! 🙂


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