Stress Less

My FAVORITE line of products!!



I brought this lotion with me on my trip to Italy.

I chose this scent so that I would be able to “calm down” before bed so that I could get over jet-lag faster. 

The ritual of putting on the lotion before bed has become one of my favorite times of the day.

Before bed I slather it on and it is truly the most calming scent. It puts me to sleep so fast.

Maybe it is a placebo effect- but I think this is much better than a sleeping pill. 

And you wake up with VERY SOFT skin! 

This lotion will always be a part of my bedtime routine! 



  1. lillover89 says:

    we need more dr. lill…..

  2. I am a rank beginner and I was looking for this exact information. Lucky for me I found your site at the beginning of my searching.

  3. It’s posts like this that make me appreciate blogs so much. Your feed has a new subscriber! 😉

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